Eire Og GAA club in Greystones

Our aim is to ensure that every Cairn development enhances its surrounding community - but we go further than stunning aesthetics and meticulous planning. We believe the heartbeat of a community is in its people, and all the great work they do to build a good life for the whole family. That's why we actively look for great grassroots organisations to sponsor and support - we believe that it's organisations like the local sports club that really bring together a community and give everyone an outlet for fun, fitness, health and friendship.

So far, we are delighted to have partnered with Leinster Cricket and Eire Og GAA club in Greystones, two sporting organisations that we believe really bring together people in many different ways. Cricket is an up-and-coming sport in Ireland, and one that is particularly known for bringing together different cultures and nationalities in our increasingly multi-cultural society. The soul of GAA games is in their grassroots clubs, and Eire Og is a fine example of a great family-oriented club in a community Cairn is proud to be associated with. We are thrilled to be supporting both these organisations, and hope to support more in the very near future.