When it comes to building homes, we believe in action rather than words. Our motto is ‘Designed for living, built for life’, and we put this into practice in all our developments.

Recognising that individuals and families grow and evolve over time, Cairn plc designs and builds homes that anticipate the diverse space requirements of modern lifestyles and pairs these with other home buyer’s priorities such as ambient natural light-filled spaces and energy efficiency. Plus every home buyer benefits from the Cairn Customer Satisfaction Commitment, which features dedicated Customer Service teams that look after your needs throughout the buying process and, just as importantly, after you have moved into your new home. 

Five reasons why a Cairn Home is special


Interior layouts that work

We pay very close attention to the layout of each and every house. We put the potential resident at the centre of our design process, from start to finish, to ensure that the layout surpasses their expectations, both now and in the future. We think about how people live today, putting time and effort into large kitchen and dining areas, adaptable living spaces and features such as ample storage space. We pay close attention to details such as the position of door openings and fixed features like radiators, to ensure that rooms are a pleasure to furnish. But most importantly, we adapt and review our design continually to ensure that every bespoke development delivers optimally in terms of layout.


Considered outdoor spaces

We believe that a development is not just about houses; the outdoor space is just as important. Whether it’s spacious private gardens or generous parklands adjacent to the homes, we strive to ensure the surrounding outdoor environment surpasses both residents’ and visitors’ expectations. We work with leading landscape design architects to create modern, functional and enjoyable spaces that enhance the houses and fit in beautifully with the surrounding landscape.


Energy efficient homes

We pay particularly close attention to energy efficiency and environmental concerns in our developments. All our homes are designed to be airtight, fully insulated and to consume the least amount of energy possible. To ensure that every home is maximised in terms of thermal efficiency, we use high levels of roof, walls and floor insulation; leading air sealing products; excellent air tightness levels; and low U-value, high-performance windows. Our homes also feature cost-saving renewable energy technology such as roof-mounted Photo Voltaic cells that provide free electricity from sunlight, high-efficiency gas boilers or air-to-water heat pumps that draw heat from ambient external air temperature. All these features ensure that a Cairn home is comfortable in all seasons, and is cost-effective to run, even in the worst of weathers.


Quality work and materials

Our building teams take pride in delivering quality homes; from apprentices to engineers to foremen to site managers, we handpick our teams based on their training and experience to ensure the very best in-class standards are achieved. We use only tried-and-tested building materials such as non-combustible concrete block walls and engineered roof trusses and floor joists. We put all products and materials used in our developments through a rigorous assessment procedure before use, which ensures that they not only comply with the EU Construction Product Regulations, but they also surpass our own standards and regulations on a house-by-house basis.



Creating a sustainable community

At Cairn plc, we don’t believe that a development is a standalone project. We aim to create communities that work both now and in the future. To do this, we work with central government, county and city councils, neighbouring landowners, statutory infrastructure providers and local communities to ensure that our developments enhance each and every area. We want our homebuyers to feel like they’re part of a growing community from the very first time they turn that key, and we want their neighbours to know that a Cairn development will add to and improve their community. Whether it’s beautiful landscaping, improved facilities and amenities or better transport links, we aim for our developments to be a welcome addition to any neighbourhood.