Cairn Homes appoints Sandra Thorpe as Corporate Development Director

Cairn Homes has appointed Sandra Thorpe as Corporate Development Director, effective immediately. Prior to joining Cairn Homes plc, Sandra was Group HR Director with Paddy Power plc.  

Sandra will lead the ongoing development of Cairn Homes’s operating structure, talent management and business strategy implementation as the company continues to grow. Her remit will also cover Corporate Social Responsibility and advisory to the Board Nomination and Remuneration Committees.

Speaking on Sandra’s appointment, CEO of Cairn Homes Michael Stanley said: “I am delighted today to announce Sandra’s position as Corporate Development Director. She will be pivotal to developing our organisation and implementing the business strategies that underpin our growth targets.  

A graduate of UCD, prior to this role Sandra previously held senior HR roles in Microsoft, CIT Group and Citigroup in Europe, London and New York.