industry-news 23 October 2017

Cairn PLC is a proud participant in Construction Safety Week, which runs from 23rd October to 27th October this year. The aim of the week is to highlight the importance of health and safety on construction sites in Ireland, ultimately reducing the number of accidents onsite by sharing best practices and boosting safety awareness.

At Cairn, we believe that a safe site is a successful site, and we believe that Construction Safety Week is an important initiative to raise safety awareness among managers and workers alike.

The issue of safety on construction sites is something that is close to Cairn’s heart; as one of Ireland’s most prolific homebuilders, much of our success we believe is due to our dedicated site workers, and ensuring a safe workplace to protect these valued tradespeople is top of our list of priorities. As a result of our work on safety standards, in 2016, Cairn was awarded the Safe T Cert accreditation, a construction sector-specific safety management system accreditation that objectively certifies contractors’ safety standards.

Safety is an everyday concern for everyone in Cairn. Every site manager undergoes the Managing Safely for Construction training programme, while everyone working on the site must complete a project-specific safety induction before beginning work. Each site has a safety process, which includes safety tool-box talks, contractor safety meetings, and weekly audits and inspections. Non-compliance with safety standards activates a strict process of warnings and corrective action notifications. Senior management executives regularly visit sites to observe safety behaviour while safety performance data is reported to the Group Executive on a monthly basis.

We look forward to sharing knowledge with other companies in the sector during Construction Safety Week and continuing this important dialogue, which we hope will ultimately boost the health and safety of all workers and the performance of the construction sector as a whole.

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