Cairn and Neighbourhood Network present
Home Together

As part of our commitment to create places where people love to live, we partnered with Neighbourhood Network to design and rollout a community building initiative called Home Together.


Building Community

At the heart of our commitment to sustainable placemaking is the time we spend on developing community initiatives. To ensure that these initiatives are sustainable in the long term, we concentrate on giving residents the tools, resources and power to drive projects forward after the initial pilot schemes. We believe that this is the way to create highly desirable and socially responsible developments that will evolve and grow over time to become even better.

Community Led

Our aim with Home Together was to open up communication among residents and to kickstart community participation. We identified that success was dependent on participation and drive of the residents themselves, so our goal was to begin the process and support them with help and resources to ensure that any projects got off the ground successfully.

The Home Together scheme kicked off in 2021 with the installation of a vibrantly coloured postbox in the developments. A postcard was dropped into each home, giving some information about the initiative, inviting residents to get involved, and asking them to fill out a short survey. Completed postcards could then be dropped into the postbox, while residents could get more information about the scheme on the custom-built website, details of which was also provided on the postcard.

A Tailored Approach

Once we had the surveys and feedback from the residents, the insights we received allowed us to get to the core of each neighbourhood’s identity, and identify how we might look to tailor future events to suit.

The Home Together team helped to organise and inspire the communities through direct dialogue, distributed newsletters and posted signs with community-building suggestions. The website was also regularly updated with photos, ideas and suggestions. Since the successful launch on Home Together, we have seen groups pop up organically in each participating development – craft clubs, yoga groups and dog walking groups to name a few -  proving that this initiative has had the desired effect of creating a sustainable community spirit, one that will evolve and grow as each development matures.

Find out more
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To find out more about our Home Together initiative and our partners Neighbourhood Network, follow the links below and see what activities and support are available to you and your community.