Better ways to build

Our Annual Report 2020 showcases everything we achieved in 2020 and how Cairn is very strongly positioned to grow our business into 2021 and beyond as Ireland’s leading homebuilder. For the first time, our Annual Report 2020 also includes a detailed Sustainability Report which highlights the great work that we are doing to create a long-term, sustainable business.

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Better ways <span>to build</span>

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Cairn Homes plc is listed on the Euronext Dublin (CRN:ID) and the London Stock Exchange (CRN:LN)
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Delivering Value for Stakeholders
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Delivering Value for Stakeholders

Our Shareholder Centre provides information in relation to holding or potentially holding shares in Cairn Homes plc.

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our sustainability agenda

Quality homes Sustainable future

We are Ireland’s leading homebuilder, building homes and creating places where people love to live. We take a responsible approach, building high-quality, sustainable homes and communities and intentionally striving to improve the built environment in Ireland. We aspire to take a prominent role in promoting sustainable building in Ireland, being respectful of both people and planet as we scale our business.


Quality homes <span>Sustainable future</span>
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Annual Report 2020

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Preliminary Results 2020

Profitable 2020 with in excess of €200m forward sales carried into 2021