Cairn announces €3 million investment into Cairn Community Games

Cairn announces €3 million investment into Cairn Community Games

Cairn announces €3 million investment into Cairn Community Games

Cairn has announced a major investment in supporting Community Games, the voluntary organisation which provides up to 160,000 young people, aged between 6 and 16 years, with the opportunity to develop active and healthy lives in a safe environment through sporting and cultural activities.

Cairn is investing €3 million into Community Games over a four-year period, commencing this year, to re-enforce its continued strength and longevity, positively impacting communities across Ireland. Established in 1967, Community Games is a community driven organisation, active in over 430 towns and villages in every county in the Republic of Ireland.   

Integral to the Cairn investment is a joint commitment with Community Games to increase participation by 10% to 176,000 young people by 2028, enhancing diversity and inclusion, and raising awareness within new audience groups. 

Cairn’s significant support of Community Games and the four-year partnership is a perfect fit given the Company’s deep commitment to creating sustainable communities where people in Ireland can thrive. Showcasing the importance and prevalence of Community Games in Ireland, a recent survey found that 1 in 4 people have taken part in Community Games and 1 in 8 people surveyed claimed to have volunteered. 

Integral to the investment, Cairn will become title sponsor of Community Games, as well as commit a huge volunteering effort in various youth development programmes over the duration of the investment. 

Announcing the investment, Michael Stanley, Chief Executive Officer of Cairn said: “We are proud that over 20,000 people now live in the 7,500 Cairn homes we have built to date. Our sustained momentum will deliver another 2,200 homes this year. It is therefore entirely in line with our commitment to building thriving communities, that we are investing in and supporting Cairn Community Games. We are an ideal match. 

“My colleagues and I look forward to working closely with Community Games’ team, with the 10,000 volunteers who make the Games happen and, most importantly, with the thousands of young people who participate. We will work hard to further increase and broaden participation across all activities over the coming years, so that Cairn Community Games continues to be reflective of the youth of Ireland.” 

Gerry McGuinness, National President of Community Games said: “We are delighted to announce this significant investment and sponsorship from Cairn which will undoubtedly take Cairn Community Games from strength to strength. In so many respects this is a unique organisation rooted in the commitment and energy of volunteers in so many communities and the enthusiastic participation of young people in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.” 

“Given Cairn’s established track record of building communities, our new partnership couldn’t be more apt. We look forward to working with Cairn to attract and engage even more participants from all backgrounds, to enjoy what the Games delivers, year after year”      

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