Marianella Landscaping Commendation

Marianella Landscaping Commendation

Marianella Landscaping Commendation

We were delighted to see our trusted partners Áit Urbanism & Landscape receiving a well deserved Commendation in the Irish Landscape Institute Design Awards for their fantastic work in Marianella. 

We get a lot of positive feedback from Marianella residents on the beautifully planted courtyards and park, but it is always nice to get a little professional recognition too. 

A key component of living at Marianella is the beautiful outdoor spaces connecting the buildings. Every architectural detail has been meticulously considered to create a harmonious environment that will age and grow gracefully. 

Marianella has much in common with the leafy setting of Rathgar, so it has been important to fit in seamlessly with these beautiful surroundings – yet retain a distinctive character of its own.

"From day one, Marianella offered something really fantastic. It was really a case of holding what was there and giving it the space to flourish. We did this by wrapping a park, that incorporates a lot of these old trees, around the apartments and adding in features such as a play area, a small outdoor gym nestled in the trees, and some seating in the best suntrap in the grounds.”

Daibhi Mac Domhnaill
Head of Landscaping Architecture
& Urban Design

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