general 15 August 2019

One of the nicest parts of the day as a parent has to be the bedtime routine; from kisses and hugs to chats about anything and everything, it’s a quiet time when you get to really bond with your little one.


Part of this is the all-important bedtime story, which fuels your child’s imagination and instills an early love for books that hopefully will last a lifetime. As children get older, books can act as a peaceful retreat from the hectic nature of life, as well as boost their knowledge of the world and their achievements in school. Plus it’s a great screen-free form of entertainment alternative to Playstations, iPads and all those other screens!

To help the young readers in Shackleton Park discover more great reads, Cairn Homes partnered with Children’s Books Ireland to host an informal Book Clinic in the estate during the summer. Parents and children were invited along to meet with the friendly panel of Book Doctors from Children’s Books Ireland, who were ready and willing to advise your young readers on their book choices and to suggest some new ones to discover. Each child left the session with a Reading Passport containing a personalised list of books to take to the library or bookshop for future reading.

Kids and parents alike enjoyed their time at the Book Clinic, and we’re happy to say that more than a few young readers were inspired by the Book Doctors to really take their reading to the next level! Look out for other Book Clinics around the country – and we hope to host one in a Cairn development again very soon!