Better Ways To
Build Sustainably

We are committed to minimising our impact on the natural environment, promoting human and ecological health and driving innovation to find better ways to build. 

A commitment to building a better future.
our sustainability agenda

A commitment to building a better future.

Sustainability is good design. It needs to be embedded into every home from the outset – from design through to build and use. When sustainability sits at the very core of a building or a place, its not only the environment that wins; our Homeowners also benefit in many ways from cheaper energy bills to improved health.

Tackling the climate emergency is a pressing issue that affects all of us, and it is clear that action must be taken to address and reverse the damage done to our planet. As housebuilders of scale, we recognise that we have a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions and are committed to being a responsible business and to finding better ways to build.

Sustainability Agenda commitment, partnerships & initiatives.
Low Carbon Pledge

We are proud signatories of the Low Carbon Pledge – the first dedicated pledge generated by Irish business to set industry standards on sustainability and reduce carbon usage.

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Irish Green Building Council

As members of the Irish Green Building Council, we are committed to accelerate the transformation of the built environment and supply chain to one that is sustainable through leadership, research and education.


We are proud business supporters of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, an initiaitive by the National Biodiversity Data Centre that works to try to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive.

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Neighbourhood Network

Neighbourhood Network to supports neighbours to connect and to work together by encouraging communities to reach out to connect through fun and friendly socially distant activities and build community resiliance.

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Our Sustainability Agenda

ESG Materiality Assessment

Through the ESG materiality assessment, our stakeholders identified climate change, energy efficiency, and ethics as most important, while external stakeholders see energy efficiency, climate change and air quality, employee rights and customer responsibility as most material. 

Our Sustainability Agenda

Innovation Workshops

Our internal innovation (virtual) workshops challenged a cross section of the company with environmentally and socially related problem statements and asked for bold suggestions. These suggestions we then presented to a key people assembly and voted on to be moved ahead.

Our Sustainability Agenda

External Stakeholder Interviews & Engagement

As a part of the MA we conducted over 36 hours of deep dive interviews with staff, planning authorities, partners and suppliers, investors and customers to discuss their views on where they believe we should focus our ESG activities.

Sustainbility Report

Quality homes Sustainable future

Find out more about our sustainability agenda and progress in our 2020 Annual Report.

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