general 30 September 2018

Sheila O’Connor recently moved to Glenheron from Sandyford, to be closer to her children and grandchildren. We caught up with her to see how she was enjoying her new house so far… 

How did you hear about Glenheron?
I actually came across the development by accident. I have a son in Greystones, another son in Bray and a daughter in Roundwood, so after my husband passed, I wanted to move to be closer to them. We were driving down the Kilcoole Road when I saw the building and I told my son to stop the car. I loved the look of the estate, the location, everything.

What appealed to you about the houses?
The brightness of the house is what really appealed to me – I simply had to turn the key and everything was bright and clean and new. Technically, I was downsizing, but it’s actually as big as my old house, and everything is so modern and so clean – it’s far easier to look after and maintain. I had a lovely five-bedroom red-bricked house in Sandyford, but there’s no comparison in terms of brightness, the heat and the layout. Everything is finished beautifully and there are lots of little extras, such as drawers under the cabinets in the bathroom, the huge wardrobes, even a dressing table in the bedroom. Even my daughter comes in and wishes she has one of these houses!

What do you think about Glenheron’s location?
It’s very near Greystones, but not in the middle of the village, so you can choose to go in when you want to. Greystones itself is beautiful, with gorgeous restaurants and cafés, and I love having the option of either going in there to meet someone or simply enjoying the peace of Glenheron. I don’t even close the curtains at night because I love to see the lights of Greystones twinkling below me – it’s just beautiful. I’m in Greystones every day, because it’s so close, but I don’t need to go in there all the time as there are shops and supermarkets extremely close to me too.

How did you find the buying process?
I’m 77 and I needed a second banisters fitted, and within three days Sean from Cairn had it fitted. Anything that needed attention on the snag list was immediately fixed, and nothing was too much trouble. The estate itself is well laid out and beautifully landscaped with beautiful red flowers as you come in. I can look out at the sea, and that to me is magical.

Buying a new house from Cairn was an entirely different experience from any I have had before, and a much easier one. I bought a house before and we needed to do things to it – you only got so much towards your tiles and you chose the cheapest paints you could get. But this time everything was fitted and ready and the things I did have to do, I had lots of help and advice. For instance, I asked Sean if he knew anyone who would fit floors, and he got the person who did the showhouse to quote for me – and the floors were done before I even moved in. I really couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.