general 30 October 2018

With Halloween creaking towards us, it’s time to think about how you are going to dress up the kids….and the house!

We spoke with our good friends in CA Design to bring you some top tips for wickedly fun Halloween décor:

Pick up some pumpkins in different sizes and colours and group them together on either side of your front door.

Give the Trick-Or-Treaters an extra spooky welcome by changing your downstairs light bulbs to black for a purple hue.

Witches legs from under the bin or a life-size skeleton in the car make the perfect at-home Halloween graveyard.

Crooked mirrors or paintings with cobwebs make a frightful impact, as do spiders hanging up against the mirror - to give the double effect.

White balloons with ghost faces (drawn on with black marker) make the perfect Halloween guests at any party.