development-news 04 July 2018

Our philosophy in Cairn is to deliver high-quality public realm and green spaces that are robustly detailed to stand the test of time. 

We have initiated an Arts Programme where we collaborate with local artists and designers to come up with site specific artwork, furniture design and heritage trails to give each scheme its own unique identity. Our landscape and urban design places an emphasis on a native tree palette within our schemes and planting long-lived tees species for future generations to enjoy. We promote natural play within our parks; using timber equipment, organic materials and natural features for playgrounds that fit in seamlessly with surrounding landscape and encourage children to play, learn and explore.

We have just completed the installation of a Tree Trail within the one and a half acre Park at Marianaella. Residents and the local community alike will enjoy identifying the tree specimens along the trail and our intention is that it brings to life the layers of history which the stunning tree scape in Marianella represents.

The beautiful, large, mature trees to be found in Marianella Gardens are an inheritance from two main periods of historical tree planting. The first planting period dates back to the late 19th Century when a private residence, Faunagh House, occupied the site. The largest and oldest trees to be seen in the Park, amongst them the Evergreen Oaks, Yew and exotic Conifers (Wellingtonia, Cedar and Fir) are from this period. 

The next substantial phase of tree planting occurred during the 1960’s when Marianella was the site of a Redemptorist monastery and the near mature Beech, Limes, Maples and Plane trees were planted. 

In setting out the Park, we planted an additional 70 trees to ensure a continuous cover of mature tree for future generations to enjoy and to enhance the beauty and history of the existing trees. The Park is now open, complete with playground, and we believe it is a stunning new amenity for all to enjoy in Rathgar.

The tree tail monolith was designed by Áit Urbanism + Landscape with assistance from our Creative Manager; Donal Thornton. The monolith is in Corten steel with an etched stainless steel plate for the map and narrative. It has been fabricated in Dublin by Cuspal Ltd.