Cork Street, Dublin 8

The development will consist of a Student Accommodation development with an overall gross floor area (GFA) of approximately 13,131 sq.m including complementary supporting accommodation together with a retail/café unit.


The proposed development consists of the following

  • Demolition of the Donnelly Centre (totalling 7,858 sqm).
  • Construction of a Mixed-Use development comprising 399 student accommodation bed spaces in 90 residential cluster units and studios with associated ancillary areas (13,017 sq.m.) and a retail / café unit (114 sq.m.), in a 6 and 7 storey high building with frontage onto Cork Street and Brickfield Lane (max height 23.325m over ground level excluding liftt shafts). 
  • Landscaped gardens are provided to the west and south (599 sq.m) and a landscaped roof terrace (453sq.m) at 6th floor level and a central ground level courtyard area (549 sq.m) are also provided as private open space (total 1601 sq.m.).
  • The student accommodation will be professionally managed and accommodation will be available for short-term stays for tourists or other visitors outside of term time.
  • The retail / café unit, accessed from Cork Street, is independent from the student accommodation and has an ancillary outdoor terrace (40 sq.m.) onto Cork Street.
  • Widening of Brickfield Lane by c.4.5m to include new footpath and 5 no. set-down only car spaces located along Brickfield Lane.
  • The development includes internal switch and substation located off Brickfield Lane; all enabling and site development works, landscaping, services, waste management facilities and all other ancillary works.